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How to smoothly move house with your kids and pets

Moving house is equal parts exciting and anxiety inducing for everyone involved. As the home buyer, you may be wrapping your head around all sorts of requirements and procedures to make the move to a brand new home happen as efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile, children and pets can be agitated by the move. Kids may have to deal with having to leave friends behind. Pets may sense the excitement and chaos and respond in kind.

Moving advice for kids

Help your kids get into the right mindset with these tips:


  • Show you’re excited


While you may be dealing with the pressures of moving out, manage your stress and anxiety. Show your kids you’re excited about the change instead. Talk to them about new opportunities, places, and activities your whole family can look forward to in your new home and neighborhood.


  • Keep them involved in the preparations


Keep young children engaged and excited by making a game out of stashing, organizing, and packing their toys, books, and other favorite items. Build up some excitement for the “unboxing” and reorganizing that will happen when you settle into your new house.

For older children, talk openly with them about moving plans and details to give them a sense of participation. Let them share their input on matters like preferred home features and neighborhood attractions.


  • Help teens process the change


Give your teenagers outlets to help them process their separation anxiety. Buy or help them make a scrapbook or a “moving journal” to channel their thoughts and emotions in a creative and fun way.

It’s also important for them to have a fun farewell with their friends. Help them plan a party to actively show your support.

Moving advice for pet owners

Unlike small pets like fish and hamsters, dogs and cats feel the stress of a drastic change of environment and routine. Help them transition more smoothly with these simple steps:

  • If your dog or cat is small enough to travel – and if the seller allows it – bring them with you during your preliminary visits to the new place so they could familiarize themselves with its scents and conditions.
  • Lock them up in a room on moving day so they’re less agitated about people moving things around.
  • Feed them sparingly on the day of the move to prevent illness during the trip.
  • Prepare a space or a room in the new house for your pet to settle into upon moving in. Set up familiar items like their toys, dishes, and beds to help them ease into the new environment.
  • Sort out all your belongings in the new house before letting your pet roam around.
  • Walk your dog around the neighborhood. Get them collars with ID tags, complete with your home address or contact information.

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