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Local Shop Spotlight: Pete & Pop’s Findery in Davidson

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Lake Norman towns are home to a wide variety of stores and establishments. Today, for our first local shop
spotlight, we’ll take a look at Pete & Pop’s Findery, located in Davidson. Described as a “modern mercantile,” it’s one of the best places in Davidson to get quirky mementos, souvenirs, and crafts sourced from artisans from the area and other parts of the globe.

Behind the name

Kary Watson founded Pete & Pop’s Findery, inspired by the adventures she took with her father back when she was a little girl. Pete was a nickname that stuck through the ages.

“When I was little, my dad would call me Peter Rabbit,” she shared in an interview with the Herald Citizen. Eventually, as she got older, this nickname would be shortened to Pete. It only made sense for Kary to include “and Pop” to the shop’s name, and “findery,” as the shop is full of carefully curated curiosities and products that are in line with Pete & Pop’s brand and identity.

“The idea of the store is it is a modern-day general store.”

You can get a wide selection of products at Pete & Pop’s, from home and fashion accessories to toys to the perfect gifts for just about every occasion.

What sets Pete & Pop’s Findery apart from other general merchandise stores in the Lake Norman area is the variety of products it offers. Drop by from time to time and you’ll discover that items for sale regularly change, with most items on display getting replaced with new ones every 10 days. So, if you find something you like at Pete & Pop’s Findery, it would be wise to get it as soon as possible! And since items for sale change every week or so, there’s a good chance you won’t find a large crowd of people having the same mug as you.

The flying pig

Definitely one of Pete & Pop’s Findery’s most distinctive features is its mascot: a jolly flying pig named Clarence. His image is everywhere in the store, and on special occasions and festivals, he gets dressed up.

What made Pete & Pop’s choose a flying pig as its mascot?

Kary has always nursed a soft spot for pigs ever since she was little. And in the midst of planning and designing items to sell in the shop, she found herself reconnecting with what she considered an old childhood friend. It brought her joy during her younger years, and by making Clarence the flying pig the shop’s mascot, Kary hopes that Pete & Pop’s will also bring a smile to people’s faces.

Pete & Pop’s Findery is located at 605 C Jetton Street, Davidson, NC. It is open from Monday through Sunday. On weekdays, the store is open from 10 to 6; from 10 to 5 on Saturdays; and 12 noon to 4 on Sundays. You can learn more about Pete & Pop’s Findery by visiting their official website or contacting the shop at 704-769-9681.