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The DOs and DON’Ts of selling a home

Selling your home promises great financial rewards, but it can take time, especially if you’re selling a high-end home. Personal biases and sentiments may make it difficult to let go of the place, or even simply attach a fair price tag on the property.

Make your home sale a smoother process armed with the following tips:


  • DO use digital marketing


Property sellers today are lucky to have a wealth of marketing tools at their disposal. Consider high-resolution digital photography and videography, drones that allow the capture of stunning aerial views of real estate properties, online listings, and social media platforms. All these add up to a promising sales and marketing effort that offers high quality, great reach, and quicker results.


  • DON’T list your home until you’re absolutely ready


Acknowledge the emotions involved in selling the place where you spent a chapter of your life. Plan the sale early to give yourself enough time to detach yourself from the home. This way you will be ready to be objective when pricing the property, negotiating with buyers, and settling a final deal.


  • DO maximize your property viewing schedules


Consider that not all of your interested buyers are available for a house viewing at your dedicated or preferred visiting times. In addition to holding open houses, you may opt to add personal viewings in the evening and during weekends to accommodate prospective buyers.


  • DON’T overprice your property


Your home may mean the world to you, but that does not mean you should price it as such. Set aside sentimental value and work with your agent to determine the reasonable, market-dictated selling price that you should attach to your home.

Overpricing a property is risky. It can leave your listing ignored by savvy buyers and agents, eventually causing you to drop your selling price below market level and leaving you with limited bargaining power.


  • DO sweeten the deal for your buyers


While you’re aiming for a good sale, consider being generous to buyers, as well. Attach buyer-friendly bonuses to your payment terms to convince them to settle a deal with you. You can offer to cover closing costs, for example. The goodwill you generate by offering perks may be the secret to locking down a sure buyer.


  • DON’T jump the gun on renovations prior to a sale


If you’re selling your luxury home, the condition of your property is key. Make sure your home is as pristine as possible through maintenance, repair, and a good scrubbing down. Before you think of costly renovations, consult with a Realtor specializing in high-end properties. As them what you can do to your home to make it more attractive to your target buyers.

For a more detailed breakdown of the real estate selling process, read thisSeller’s Guide.

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